Mouse cursor randomly resizing to giant sizes for few seconds

SO I run Endeavour OS with KDE Plasma 6.1.1 Wayland and kernel 6.9.7-arch1-1.
Recently I have this issue where the mouse pointer randomly just… gets big. Takes almost half the screen.
It doesn’t affect the functionality and it goes away after few seconds, but it is pretty annoying.
Did anyone ever encounter a problem like that?

I think thats an accessibility feature thats on by default, shaking your mouse makes the cursor grow.
You can turn it off in System settings > Accessibility > Shake Cursor.

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It’s actually a new feature.

  • Shake Cursor makes the cursor grow when you “shake” it. This helps you locate that tiny little arrow on your large, cluttered screens when you lose it among all those windows.

You can turn it off: Uncheck System Settings → Accessibility → Shake Cursor → “Share cursor to find it”

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