Mouse cursor dissapears when using touch screen

I am using a iiyama ProLite monitor T2252MSC-B1 22. It has a 10 point capacitive touch-screen connected via USB. Whenever the touch screen is operated, the mouse cursor disappears and the only way I’ve been getting it back visible is by pressing SUPER to activate the GNOME activity launcher and then SUPER again to go back.

I can imagine this is a default feature perhaps for when using solely the touch-screen for prolonged periods of time where having a cursor is not desired, but this is unpractical when having to switch frequently between using the mouse and touch-screen.

How can you keep the mouse cursor permanently visible?

I don’t really have a solution nor do I have a touchscreen to test this. I just did some reasearch on the issue as you didn’t get any replies so far.

That seems to be a Gnome/mutter bug that’s around since 5 months:

Somebody apparently programmed a workaround:

I hope that will help you for your own further research. I won’t be able to help you in that matter.

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