Motherboard Form Factors

This might be a question never asked before. I’ve just received a Chinese motherboard, but this dimension size doesn’t match any existing form factor.
COLORFUL H81M-K PLUS V23B = 215 x 170mm motherboard
Such a weird size this PCB . . .

Pretty sure I’ll have to drill and tap new standoff holes!
Existing computer case is sized for Micro-ATX
No wonder I don’t understand Chinese :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
Is this a 3rd world problem I’ve incurred

Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Put the motherboard on a piece of cardboard to prevent shorts, then hook up PSU, etc. and do a bench test to see if this monster even works to your satisfaction.

Then attack the case with the power tools and mod to your heart’s content.

Just saying.


according to this site.
it says

Configuration 	170*215mm mATX

That would be micro ATX.

Was planning a pure plexiglass case - As this is my wife’s computer and she always wants to see whats going on >> >> LoL

At least this Colorful motherboard has a PDF instruction manual.

I made a mistake buying another generic Chinese motherboard/CPU/RAM combo. As it had no instruction manual and was unbranded.
Finally discovered motherboard was made by Foxconn. Took me forever to figure out the pinout connections – Just discovered by chance a Russian YouTube video of the board

Specs show it as a micro atx board.

Edit: I only buy full size ATX boards. I have my reasons. :wink:

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Hello @ricklinux

Well the motherboard is sized smaller than Micro-ATX but larger than Mini-ITX sir.

Well you know what happens when you go outside the standards. :laughing:

Zup - There is no standard beer size !! :beer: :beers:
Best example I can think of . . .

Cheers @ricklinux

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Searching Wikipedia the Colorful [-H81M-K PLUS V23B] dimensions are closest to mini-DTX (form factor)

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