Mostly successful install on Asus Zenbook UM425

After all of the hell I went through on the Lenovo C930. this was a breath of fresh air. There was a wierd thing where the install would only work when booted to an MBR Ventoy, not a UEFI one. But so far everything is working, even FB calls (and yes, the webcam works)…except for the mic. It doesn’t seem to be picking it up. But I haven’t spent any time troubleshooting it yet, it’s probably something simple. Anyway, someone looking for a current laptop for Linux, this is not to be despised.

Now I’m gonna see what I can do about that mic. :slight_smile:

So odd to read about hardware issues like your mic and having to boot MBR for install.

I guess I’m fortunate to have purchased a new asus vivobook X415 (real inexpensive machine) and have absolutely everything work out of the box. I guess simple hardware is as simple does. I did buy this machine for the sole purpose of having a dedicated linux laptop.

I’ve been sucked into the corporate world of Windows for a couple of years now and needed to get back into the game of actually enjoying being on a computer. So here we are.

So far I will say I’m pleased with Asus, this is my first Asus purchase.

Yeah Asus seems to be one of the better brands for Linux. Incidentally the mic issue was a simple one: the system was defaulting to the headphone/mic jack for some reason. Easy peasy. Not sure what the deal is with the booting, I’ve just resigned myself to carrying two Ventoys, one for BIOS and one for UEFI.