Most games run with Lutris and Heroic flicker a lot

Hi friends.

I installed several games in Lutris and Heoric such as The Callisto Protocol and Resident Evil 4. I installed all the existing libraries in the Lutris and Heroic prefix, C++, DirectX, NET Framerowrk, etc…

But when entering these games, the screen flickers a lot. I have read on reddit that it is solved by installing or updating VULKAN. Then I found this in our forum guide:

2. Install Vulkan


And I checked, and I have both packages installed:

local/lib32-vulkan-icd-loader 1.3.279-1
    Vulkan Installable Client Driver (ICD) Loader (32-bit)
local/vulkan-icd-loader 1.3.279-1
    Vulkan Installable Client Driver (ICD) Loader

So if I have them installed and have updated with “yay”, I must also have them updated, right? So the problem must not be with VULKAN, it must be another problem.

I copied the same game and pasted it into the Lutris and Heroic prefix, and they both flash the same way. I used wine-GE.8.2, proton-ge.8.2 (in heroic), proton-experimental, etc…

The game runs quite smoothly with the settings at minimum, but it stutters when moving the camera. Well, it also flashes in the game menu, etc. But above all it flashes when you move the camera.

I also want to clarify something. Steam and some packages have started flashing since I installed Heroic, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence if maybe something broke.

My pc:
EOS KDE 6.0 (Wayland), i5-3470, gtx 1050 ti, 16gb ram, nvidia proprietary driver (latest)

Thanks in advance friends.

Try switching from Wayland to X11. This helped me with some games


Found the problem. Can you see it? Look closer…




Omg… I read the comments of both of you, I changed to xorg, and now all the games and all the applications work for me!!!

What kind of black magic is this?! Why does this happen, is it because my PC is not compatible with Wayland because it is old?

I don’t know much about Linux, but I thought Wayland was like more compatible and integrated better or something. Plus I’ve heard that it works better for almost everyone, I don’t know why it doesn’t for me.

I don’t know the difference between xorg and wayland but I thought it was just a visual difference. So I don’t know why clamtk freezes and quits in wayland, but it works correctly in xorg. Also all the games flash in wayland, maybe because of my old 1050 ti.

I also read that they were going to remove xorg or something, because it was “obsolete”, and that some distros had removed xorg by default (I don’t know if it’s true).

Now I will have to edit all the open threads where several games and applications did not work for me…

Thanks again friend ;_;

First: Calm down.

Second: Wayland is a standard that devs are trying to implement with the idea that it is supposed to be more efficient, extensible, compatible, etc. after dedicated work is put into it.

Third: It’s been around for a while, but truly dedicated work just started recently, so it is not even close to ready to fully replacing X11/Xorg.

Fourth: Notice I said Wayland is “a” standard, but it is not “the” standard. This is Linux. Your device, your rules (and choices).

Lastly: Yes, Wayland works well or even better for some people and their machines. For others, it is not good enough, inconsistent or utter trash.

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Thanks for your response friend.

Oh, I think I’ve mixed things up. I thought wayland was at version 6.0, but that’s KDE. So wayland is relatively new? I did not know that.

And, for the most part, the most used are wayland and xorg, or are there more of those “standards”?

Also, I know it’s oftopic but, do all desktops like xfce, i3, gnome, etc. use wayland and xorg?

Yes, the smoothness and performance of wayland is higher than xorg. I hope the flickering in games and apps can be fixed soon.

Anyway, I read on reddit that some people managed to fix the flickering with nvidia in wayland, so I’ll try that too. I know it can be solved.

Initial release 30 September 2008; 15 years ago[1]


Yes, but they are not for the everyday user.

No, but most do have it in the works. Just so you know, Wayland is acutally in a testing phase even though it’s been adopted by so many DEs and distros. Xorg/X11 is feature complete for the most part.

Good luck. :pray:

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Thank you friend!

After asking around on forums, reddit and google, I found the supposed “solution”. An update will be released on May 15 that will supposedly fix the flickering in Wayland.

Many users have already managed to fix it by manually installing the package so as not to have to wait for this update (I don’t remember right now what the name of the package was).

But it will be solved with the May 15 update, I don’t know if in the nvidia driver, or in a KDE package.

Good to know. I’m sure Wayland enthusiasts will love that working out of the box as opposed to having to fix it themselves.

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