Most common PIN Codes

According to the analysis, just 20 4-digit numbers account for 27% of all PINs: 1234, 0000, 7777, 2000, 2222, 9999, 5555, 1122, 8888, 2001, 1111, 1212, 1004, 4444, 6969 (nice), 3333, 6666, 1313, 4321, 1010. The diagonal line is people using repeated pairs of digits (e.g. 2727 or 8888) while the horizontal line near the bottom is people who are presumably using their (19xx) birth year as a PIN. (You can see the beginning of a 20xx line on the left side.)


Guess I’m not normal. :blush:


Neither me :crazy_face:


Luckily the one I use, 1099, isn’t that common :wink:


What’s your credit card number? :joy:


I see. That’s nice. Where are you right now? :joy:

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Type here with your name, country, or something relevant & that would be your PIN. To make it more obscure use your local language instead of English in this type of keyboard (or the word letters from reverse order)
I don’t understand the point of all of this as the card PIN will always be just 4digit number but IMO it could be a good alternative if your memory is too weak to remember random 4digit PIN or if you don’t prefer saving in your password manager.

For example: CODE = 2633, swh1= 7941, F0CK = 3025 :sweat_smile:


I use something else
I don’t need to remember the number, only the sequence:
up left, left, two down right

fantastic thread and info here. even for the least common (8557 etc) we are still in the realm of only 4 digits. I think even if someone wanted to crack your ‘uncommon’ pin some awful ‘cracker’ program could do it in 5 seconds these days.
still it’s scary stuff…to get your bank pin and withdrawal your money:

  1. have remote access to your computer (or logger) when you bank and steal pin
    or 2) look over your shoulder at atm or use binoculars I suppose. I’ve even seen some s*** where the bad guy after you walk can take temperature of the keys as to ascertain which one you pushed that is your pin…

If I’m right 1234 should be as instantly hackable then 8557. If I’m wrong I’d consider changing my pin soon :slight_smile:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr.

the future will be passwordless.
And passwords are doomed already since AI and quantum computing :wink:
I got me this to start playing with it:


the future will be passwordless.

let me tell you something the human mind kind is passwordless just enter the invisible unicode :slightly_smiling_face:

I hate it too that some keyboard have different position of keys (PC keyboard has one at bottom left, ATM has one at upper left position).

I wanna get one of these myself, honestly.