Modifying grub installer, to fix problem

alright i’ll do the same as i do for Arch then

Not without modifying things i guess, i will try doing grub part myself

What is your hardware by the way? I’m interested in that.

do you have enough with that?

So is this installed now? I see it’s an HP Elitebook 1050 G1 with great specs. Nice! I see you are running live ISO.

Will work on it tonight, didn’t got much time this week-end. but i need to have an OS tomorrow to go back to work. So, will try everything possible to make it works :frowning: otherwise i will stay on live for tomorrow atleast

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Okay hi,

One step closer yay!

I’ve installed grub, it works.
But now i don’t have the other parts, i don’t really know if it’s really worth then

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I assume this is installed in UEFI mode so you have secure boot and fast boot turned off? How did you get it installed?

yes both are disabled ofc, i installed everything with installer except for grub that i installed myself (/mnt/boot/efi) @ricklinux

I am just surprised that it’s such an issue because your hardware doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary. Were you able to log in and look at journaltctl -xb? What about your fstab.
cat /etc/fstab
You need to post some system logs so the devs can look at it.

ok i think i’ve found my mistakes (errased disk already), will try to install it again. Stay online will update quickly

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If you get this installed you’ll need to uninstall Kalu if it’s installed before you can update. That package has been removed because it doesn’t work with the new pacman 5.2. Then full update. Also you have Intel processor with UHD 630 on it and also Nvidia 1050 Mobile chip so you may be running on the Nouveau linux driver. Not sure what you have in mind for Nvidia but i know others have had trouble getting the Nvidia to work with some hybrid graphics especially with Intel I915. But check out the wiki on the Nvidia installer. Graphics can also be a pain. The best way is tio run the installer in test mode and then it will show whether there is a problem before you try it. You can do this both for Nvidia and also Bumblebee.

Tought it was working but no :confused:

Maybe caused by grub-mkconfig

What informations you wanted?

Im back here by the way

It is reporting wrong device type as it is missing the letter should be nvme0np1 not nvme0n1
Partitions are /dev/nvme0np1, /dev/nvme0p2, /dev/nvme0np3 etc…

All my partitions are named from

/dev/nvme0n1p1 EFI
/dev/nvme0n1p2 FILESYSTEM
/dev/nvme0n1p3 SWAP

didn’t made mistakes i think on mount and install (except for grub-mkconfig) that search grub on /dev/sda

You need to run in root os-prober and the grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg I don’t think you were root? I’m just looking at the terminal output. os-prober has to find the efi partition

i was in chroot (root@archiso) i think that’s ok no?

Maybe…or maybe not? I don’t know. I’m not sure because i don’t ever have this issue.