Modify the ISO with custom ca.crt?

This desktop computer is on a monitored network that requires a ca.crt to be installed before it can access Internet. (Yes, this is a man-in-the-middle setup.)
I want to be able to use the online features of the EOS installer, so I need to have that ca.crt up and working to do that.

How can I modify (remaster) the ISO so it will automatically include my ca.crt as part of the installation process?

It is easy enough for me to just boot the live flash drive with the standard ISO, and install my cert into the session, but that is not enough. Because when the installer gets to the update stage, it will fail, as the system can’t access Internet. That’s why I want my cert to be installed automatically.

Any ideas how to do this?

You need to use archiso with this repo in order to create your own ISO with your files inside it.

In both links are instructions on how to do this. The easiest way is probably just to follow the instructions of EOS. I’m not sure where the best place is to put the ca.crt file, though. But somebody else most likely has the answer for that.

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to copy the file at the needed place “post install” on target chroot… before anything will get installed there…

you could simply inject a line into pacstrap.conf file on building ISO inside run_before_squashfs:

using wget ot put it into the build structure may under:

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