Modify pdf

this post has nothing directly to do with os but I am looking for an app that can not only highlight and underline pdfs but also enable me to edit the pdf index and create bookmarks.
Do you know of any?
Unfortunately Okular does not edit the table of contents.
Thank you for your help

Give LibreOffice Draw a go.

Okular creates bookmarks for me. However, you’ll need to use a PDF editor of some sort to accomplish your other goals. I’ve used a couple of different ones over the years (PDF Arranger for merging, sorting and Sejda Desktop for general editing) including LibreOffice Draw.

Have a look at this AUR package. It does it for me whenever I need to edit pdfs


it doesn’t work for me, it freezing

ok bookmarks but you cannot modify Contents

I’ll try, tnx

it seems my boy

Hi. pdfstudio from AUR also can do that, although its free version adds a watermark upon saving file.

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