Moc will not play via bluetooth

I know this is really a moc (music on console) question but thought I would try here anyway because the moc community is not that active. I got bluetooth all set up and connected to my headset. I can play music on them via strawberry music player but it will not work on moc. moc will play on the speakers though so it is not a case of moc not communicating at all but just with the bluetooth headphones.

Any ideas?
seems it is not using pulseaudio per default


It should be possible to redirect non-Pulseaudio-aware applications using padsp, e.g.

padsp moc
$ padsp -h    
/usr/bin/padsp - redirect OSS audio devices to PulseAudio
/usr/bin/padsp [options] application [arguments]
	-h                  show brief help
	-s <host>[:<port>]  contact a specific PulseAudio server
	-n <name>           client name to report to the server
	-m <name>           stream name to report to the server
	-M                  disable /dev/mixer emulation
	-S                  disable /dev/sndstat emulation
	-D                  disable /dev/dsp emulation
	-d                  enable debug output

Thanks very much. Indeed you were both correct that it was that pulse audio was not selected as default with moc.

I followed the instructions on the arch moc page suggested by @joekamprad by editing


and added the line


saved and restarted and it works fine.