Missing Wallpaper Option After Deepin DE Update

Hi Dev Team,

Last week I tried install EndeavourOS Net Installer with Deepin option. On the desktop right click, there was option to modify Wallpaper and Screensaver, it was working fine. But today after I updated the system using the Welcome menu, the option is no longer working and the bottom panel is also missing as well. thanks.

caused by the latest deepin update, they do change a lot on deepin… check other posts on that:

I hear you. Had the same issues with Deepin v20 updates.
Deepin stores it’s wallpaper in:


So this worked for me - As root I copied my favorite wallpaper to the location above.
After that I also copied my favorite-[wallpaper.jpg] file to desktop. Then I right-clicked on it and from drop down context menu chose ‘Set as Desktop Wallpaper’

Worked for me.
Often times we need these work-arounds to fix issues

Thanks for the work-around.

I’m starting to like the new version now …