Missing threads in notifications drop downs


The drop down is missing the reply sent

Are you sure his message is a reply to you and he didn’t just post into the topic after you?

Positive. Look at the screenshot.

I must be missing it, what in the screenshot indicates that?

Keos posted in a topic I had posted in and is set to “tracking”

I got no notifications in the dropdown from my avatar. The last notification was from fbodymechanic.

Grrrr it appears to working now!!! But there is only one listed there.

Sorry, I must have missed the part where you had set it to “tracking”.

If you post in a thread the forum sets it to tracking automatically. But I was not getting any notifications (then I was :smiley: ) but my notifications should be flooded with keos’s responses.

Wait…tracking doesn’t mean you will get notifications. “watching” is what causes you to get notifications.

When it is tracking you only get notifications if someone responds to you or quotes you.



A count of new replies…

If I am confused, just tell me so and I will go away :smiley:

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He may be replying to himself :rofl: :joy: :blush:

This is the count of new replies:

There are two “reply” buttons, one replies to you which would cause a notification. They other replies to the topic which will only cause a notification if you have the topic set to “watching”


I will get my coat. :coat:

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