Missing print filter Brother DCP-J562DW

I got it to work, finally, I apparently needed lib32-libcups . After installing this it started working. I don’t know if it depends on how old the printer is.


That’s great!! :v:

Nope - this is a result of the printer-driver’s age. :wink: Technically speaking, there could be way newer drivers around, but manufacturers simply don’t bother, especially with Linux users, as they’re more “in bed” with M$ & consorts.

@anon11595408 Ah yes, I know about this. But there seems always a way to get it to work I think.

I want to thank you all who have helped me. And hopefully someone else can be helped with this topic, in case it is needed.


It is a recuring issue on this forum. Problems will arise, when the cups package on LInux will be updated to an upcoming 3.0 version.

Therefore it is wise to make backups of one’s printer drivers at all times. :wink:

Tot ziens!


If it is usb connected it is very simple to install this printer. You install the package and then add printer from print settings in the menu. It should show the brother printer that it detects with usb. You then select the proper printer and it will add it correctly.


Very simple is maybe too easy said, depends on the printer model, how old it is and how old the driver is and if that is easy to get. And I think also how your experience and knowledge is with ARCH. As a newbie that comes from Windows and/or Linux Mint for example, it can be very complicated in the beginning.

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Did you get it to work? I’m not sure how you are attempting to add the printer. I tried to explain the easiest way if it is connected via usb. If it it is wireless or network printer is more difficult. I have a bother printer also although it is a different model. It is connected via usb as well as my examples. Alll of them i installed the same way. :man_shrugging:

Yes, it is working now, as I said already yesterday, few posts up.

Sorry, I missed that. I have seen that also but it’s been a while since i installed my brother printer. Glad you got it working.

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