Missing packages after fresh install (hplip)


i have set up a new system today and found that “hp-toolbox” could not be started.

I started it in the terminal and received the following error message:

error: No module named 'PyQt5'


the following packages were missing and after installation HP-tollbox worked as desired.

python-pyqt5-sip-12.8.0-1 python-pyqt5-5.15.0-3

I don’t know why these packages were missing but they are needed, maybe a dev will take a look at them.



python-pyqt5 is an optdepend for hplip:

Optional Deps   : cups: for printing support
                  rpcbind: for network support
                  python-pyqt5: for running GUI and hp-toolbox
                  libusb: for advanced usb support

Maybe it is optional but you have the icon in the application menu and when you click on it nothing happens because python-pyqt5 is not installed.

This is confusing
Either you install python-pyqt5 with it or you have to hide the icon

The inexperienced user wonders why the application does not start and gets annoyed

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It sounds reasonable, though on Arch the package maintainers assume people will check the optdepends on installation. There was a bug reported here: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/65741

A lot of people won’t even run hptoolbox. They’ll use it as a database for hp drivers. Same for scanner, simple scan does the job.


hp-toolbox is not needed to configure and use hplip, it is optional to use the hp-toolbox gui and…

EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric distro, so we don’t offer you GUI tools out of the box to make your jumpstart easier, instead, we offer you the opportunity to give you full control from the start in creating a system that suits your idea in computing.

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