Missing icons on shortcuts in Dolphin

There were updates for various Plasma applications yesterday that I installed. This morning I did a reboot and when I landed on the desktop I noticed a lot of the icons for my shortcuts in Dolphin are missing. As for the missing app icons I’ve gone to properties for a couple, clicked to change the icon, chose browse, browsed to and chose the app’s icon, and it still does not add it’s icon back. Top screenshot I just made. The bottom is one I posted in the desktop thread awhile back. You can see the difference. Anyone else having this issue from the Plasma / KDE updates from yesterday? Thanks

Update on this. I thought till the KDE devs could get this figured out I would simply create the shortcuts on the desk since the icons for shortcuts actually show when created on the desktop, set the desktop to desktop to hide everything, and assign it as my home tab in Dolphin. However when I go to the desktop in Dolphin the shortcuts still don’t show their icons there. I am completely out of Ideas on how to fix this.