MiniPC Recommendations?

I’m looking for a something cheap to mess around with EOS. A rpi would have been sweet but the ARM project got killed.

*Edit, I prefer new to used

I have excellent experience with three barebones like this:

But you have to craft little bit.

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I bought a hp t630 thin client from ebay. Upgrade ssd and you have a nice powersaver silent computer. You can get it starting around 40 euro with 4gb ram and amd 4 core 2.x ghz. Check it. There are plenty of them.
I use it as a headless server with debian. But its a full mini computer wit usb, hdmi and gb ethernet.

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Ebay (UK) have a large number of Dell Optiplex SFF e.g.:

Add a keyboard, mouse and monitor…

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Thinking of this one, ~150€


I bought a PN50 Asus minipc about 8 months ago. Rzyen 7 4700u processor, wifi 6, Radeon Vega 6 GPU, 32 gig ram, 2 different drives. . one mechanical (1-terabyte) and a drive stick (1-terrabyte). It as a couple USB ports, etc. Newer models are PN51 and above. They also have Intel processors too.

Works great, graphics are very good, wifi works very well, have it plugged into a 32 led monitor.

Other brands are also worth looking into. . . Amazon has a couple different brands with different options.