MiniArch for h6/h616/rk3399/3566/3568/s905/s912/sm1/g12


If anybody is bored with SD card partitioning, manual flashing boot loader on
h6/h616, rk3399/3566/3568, s905/s912/sm1/g12 SBC/TVboxes - maybe can be helpful?

what is is:

this is early alpha - so bugs/issues are highly probable

to quick start - pls look

to install EOS - type “start” and use option 5

in case any issues - pls use GitHub issue reporting:

happy burning!


Never get bored :innocent:. we all different + i sure it be a great help for some/new usr. I wish you all best on your project. :pray: for share this interesting project on forum. :vulcan_salute:

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I have tried your image but can not connect to internet. Can you explain how to do with usb tethering?

does it work on radxa rock5b with rk3588?
what do you do for uboot?

Not Yet :frowning:
I asked Radxa to provide me rock5b HW for development.
Awaiting for HW…

Here s the best I have come up with

### Partition table

|Part Number|Offset|Name|Description|
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
|(raw)|32KB|loader1|First stage loader|
|(raw)|8MB|loader2|U-boot image|
|1|16MB|boot|Kernel partition, bootable|

Offset when writing using **dd**

dd if=idbloader.img   of=/dev/sdx seek=64
dd if=u-boot.itb      of=/dev/sdx seek=16384 
dd if=boot.img        of=/dev/sdx seek=32768 
dd if=rootfs.img      of=/dev/sdx seek=1081344

I wasn’t able to come up with anything that works.


I have a working debian too, albiet with bad graphics (some pixels are off on xfce and the screen resolution is wrong, clipping the edges)

Go here to see how armbian installs some packages for 3D acceleration.

In order to enable 3D acceleration:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:liujianfeng1994/panfork-mesa
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:liujianfeng1994/rockchip-multimedia
sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade


Oddly I found these miniarch images and THEN found EOS because of them, not the other way around. With a bit of help from warpme I was able to get this going on my H6 based T95 max STB, and a simple DD to the internal mmc storage got me booting MiniArch from trhe device.

Originally, I was going to set this up as an octoprint server, as I have a persistent USB issue with my PI, but I found that the box had even worse USB issues talking to my printer, so plan B is to make this into a small portable station for my ham radio hobby (addiction). Currently building wsjtx now!

I tried this on X96_Mate with H616,
after 3-4 tries got EOS working,
on my device missing following
1- WiFi
2- Audio
3- GPU accretion

I am still on SD card, any help on shifting it to eMMC would be appreciated, thanks.

Can you explain how did you connect to internet to install?

Local area network (wired)
It worked without any modifications.

WiFi not working.


I just verified on my TX6s and it is fully functional.
This means for me issue is probably just in device-tree for your tvbox.
May you try with different dt files?
Currently you have following dt to try:

  • sun50i-h616-orangepi-zero2.dtb
  • sun50i-h616-t95.dtb
  • sun50i-h616-tanix-tx6s.dtb
  • sun50i-h616-x96-mate.dtb

procedure: pls look

it will be useful to have dmesg output from each try…

I tried with sun50i-h616-x96-mate.dtb first as my box cover says x96 mate, was not able to boot at all.
So reverted back to tanix tx6s , even orange pi one also did not work.
Will try t95 tomorrow .

Tried T95 did not boot,
Might be it is clone of tx6s by some china vendor packaged in x96 box :grin:

There is also a issue with this box, even at the time of Android it was there
It works perfectly fine with my office screen, which is old 32inch LG
But with other screens be it same size 32inch from Samsung or 24inch LG or 43inch by LG, Screens goes blank every 2nd second and comes back on . It is like loosing HDMI signals every 2sec.

It was with Android too. Might be due to cheap China clone.

For my project I use matchbox / openbox as DE,
Will flash tx6s with xfce DE on Monday to get debug logs.