Mini ASUS PN50 PC. . . thoughts?

I Just purchased a ASUS PN50 mini PC with Ryzen 8-core 7 4700u processor, 32GB DDR4 2400 ram, 1 TB NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD, AMD radeon Vega 6 video chipset. It will come with Windows 11 which I will get rid rid of. In its place I hope to install Cinnamon on it. Was wondering if anyone has seen, or used one of these. It also will run with Wifi 6 . It runs on 90 watts and is probably the side of a plastic CD-case in L x W and a few inches high. Just wondering if anyone has one or uses something similar. It’s my guess it’s a throw away unit if it lasts 3 years. The components are what some typical laptops have in them. For the price of a cheap laptop I figure this might be an interesting option.

My Desktop computers(2) are 11 years old. . .they still work like champs only had to replace 1 motherboard in that time. . . I’m not a gamer whatsoever and was interested in seeing how such a unit would perform.

Any thoughts, idea’s or suggestions would be welcome.

I didn’t want to spend a couple grand or go through the process of buying mixing and matching components like my two desktop computers. . . it wasn’t hard putting them together. . .the biggest problem would be in getting all of the pieces satisfactorily to work properly without any product returns to a retailer for bad components, motherboards that don’t boot etc. I hope is that this unit will work fine when it gets here and will give me some adequate performance and a couple years use.

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Sounds like a solid little PC. Probably doesnt’ take up a ton of room either.

I think you’ll be very happy with it, and I don’t think it’ll be a throw away device. I’m still currently using an HP Pavilion 300-020 mini PC with a Pentium 3558U and 8gb of RAM. It runs like a champ on EOS w/ LXQt at the ripe old age of 13. Remember the little 10" HP netbooks? Those internals in about the same size case basically.

Do you have access to something like a Kill-A-Watt EZ to measure the watts used from the wall socket?

With laptop type components, it should be reasonably low power.
Let’s guess.
I’m going to go with 10 watts at idle.


I’m just stating what the spec says about power consumption. . . . it might be a lot less then spec says I guess. Here’'s the link to the item I’ve ordered from ‘Newegg’. . . .


Rich ;j

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I think it will be great. I have an HP laptop with the 4700U processor and it only has 8Gb memory and runs good. Plus I’m running Cinnamon on it! :star_struck:

That’s what I will install when it comes. . . .

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Wow, pretty amazing . . . . got my Asus PN50 mini-pc yesterday from China. . . took a few days to get here and everything arrived well and working. . . amazing. I’m impressed. I’m using my desktop 8350 AMD system with a Nvidia 1060ti-6 gig video card and old netgear wifi card now writing this and the difference between this ‘old’ computer and the mini-pc is amazing in speed and performance. The vega6 wifi is really good (5mhz. . . I believe). My old wifi in this system is 2.4 ghz. Got Cinnamon and all of the software I needed installed in a few hours work. It boots really fast. . . . no delays because of the SSD memory storage stick. The additional drive is pretty fast though not an SSD. . . Installed all my music and videos on that second drive this morning. The size of this package is amazingly very, very, small compared to the atx mid-tower I had on the desktop. I ordered a USB splitter also in addition for more capability so that it will just use one usb port on the small box. The old computer system will be cannibalized and I think I will start a ‘new’ build in the old box with it’s modular power supply. (Keeping this info to myself so my wife doesn’t kill me.) When and if I do a ‘new’ build I’ll be reviewing video’s on PC builds while checking prices of CPU’s , video cards,motherboards, and the like etc… . .etc. I’m really hyped by this newest technology. (It came with Windoze 11) which I promptly removed also. . . won’t stand for this. Cinnamon boots really fast. . the video chipset works very well and I’m pumped. . . .

Cheers and happy computing,

Rich :wink:


If you decide to get rid of that 1060TI I know where it can find a good home…