Minecraft freezes after some time of playing

I ran the command pacman -Syu

at the last lines i get this:

AUR update check:
:: Searching AUR for updates…
→ Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages: minecraft-launcher
there is nothing to do

Press ENTER to close this window:

Please help.

Note: I had just solved this problem: Screen flickering
sudo pacman -R xf86-video-intel
maybe uninstalling this created the problem.

I use the minecraft-launcher AUR package as well. It typically becomes out of date on Linux with the way Mojang/Microsoft/whoever updates it on their end. Part of the reason it is flagged out of date often is it’s popularity (more eyes watching it) and part of it is the way it’s updated by upstream. This message is not a problem though, it is only a warning message telling you that an AUR package that you have is currently flagged out of date. This means someone besides the AUR maintainer was aware there is a new version out, and went to the AUR page and notified the maintainer it is out of date and needs to be up dated. This is not an issue, it’s just the way the AUR system works.

Now the minecraft-launder may be out of date according to upstream, but the AUR maintainer is volunteering their free time, so they’ll update it as soon as they can, so long as there’s no blockers in place. Also, sometimes people will flag something as out of date, even when it technically isn’t out of date. Regardless of the minecraft-launcher version, everytime you click Play to start Minecraft, if there’s any updates they will be downloaded, so even when the launcher is out of date, you’re still using the latest Minecraft version.

In any case, it’s just a warning message that notifies the maintainer the package is out of date and pacman/yay/paru/etc is just alerting you about this. Whenever you see this message, it’ll go away the next time the package in question is updated. If you get curious, you can always visit the AUR website for the package to see any pinned comments by the maintainer and/or check the packages GitHub/GitLab page for any possible announcements.

Other than that, enjoy playing Minecraft :evergreen_tree: :axe:


Thank you for replying.

I still need to solve the problem of the game freeze after about 15mins of play.

It always helps to have as much information as possible in order to troubleshoot issues. Two things you can try easily are running minecraft-launcher from the terminal. Just type that name into the terminal and hit enter to start minecraft from the terminal, so any output will be displayed via the terminal. Play Minecraft like normal and if it freezes/crashes again see if you can see anything in the terminal. If you can’t see the terminal after it freezes, you’ll have to dive into your logs to see what could be causing the issue. For that you’ll want to have a look at this:

The logs will be the most relevant right after a freeze/crash, so it’s something to be aware of.


This is just guessing, because there could be many reasons why Minecraft crashes.

A common reason is memory leaks: I wouldn’t be surprised it crashed because it has filled all the memory it is allowed to use. You can see how much memory the game uses in the F3 screen, in the upper right corner.

You can try to increase the amount of memory Minecraft uses: