min_width=CPU: 100.00%

In i3blocks.conf there is the following block:

#min_width=CPU: 100.00%

I am assuming that the line

min_width=CPU: 100.00%

is to stop the output to the left of this block jumping about at the %CPU changes from single to double figures?

But when I un-comment it I cant get it to do this, even changing the value

Can anyone tell me how to do this please?

EDIT: seems to work with


but not sure why - is it the width of the characters rather than the value?

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Hi @Leigh,
I faced the same Issue and resolved it by modifying the underlying script in ~/.config/i3/scripts/cpu_usage.

I changed the lines 50 and 52 to always print two digits (leading zero) in front of the decimal point like so:

printf "%02.${decimals}f%%\n", $cpu_usage;

hope that helps someone!


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GitHub source:

I would like to see a Pull Request if you have an GitHub account if not I can change it and mention this post.

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