Migrating from Arch to EOS

My laptop charger got fried in the last week cyclone power fluctuation. There was one last Rp4 lying around without Montior. I was wondering if I could install EOS on an USB from within the factory RPI debian OS.
Surpringly most of the tutorials i read assumed that there is a X86 already running the host, so that one can cook any OS. Then i found out this article. After some retries, i was able to install Arch on an USB and boot into RPI.
Question is can i install EOS on top of ARM Arch, means I dont want Arch just EOS is enough. if yes, how.

@flyingcakes tagging you just in case

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just realized that the link i posted above is a rip off from ARM Arch. not trying to disrespect the author. nevertheless it was a good brush up of some old survival skills.

meanwhile consider this as a soft bumping

Do you want to convert an existing install or install from fresh?
Fresh install would be the best option:
If you don’t have a x86_64 system, you might want to refer to this section:

If you want to convert the arch linux arm install you can use this:

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I have just ARM 64 now. Alright, I will follow the instruction and report my success / failure here.

Edit: Actually i somewhat guessed this already and tried it. EOS install complained it cannot find any existing mirror. I ignored it and went for a reboot. Then my Arch ARM broke