Microsoft Edge but also random observations about Firefox

Okay, moving to a separate topic from “Manjaro Cinnamon and Vivaldi”:

I know people will strangle me for this but I have wanted to go back at least part time to a Blink browser. They are, at least on my machines and my work computer AND my phone better (smoother, faster, snappier) than Firefox.

Thing is that I don’t like Brave, I don’t like Vivaldi and Chromium does not sync anymore. So… I tried Edge. We use it at work instead of Chrome and it works splendidly. I tried the web app today and it is definitely the best browser I have tried on Android for a long time. Firefox really suffer on mobile due to the combination of slowness and a weird UI. Oddly enough vanilla Chrome is really slipping on Android, it is not even in the top 5 in my opinion.

Anyway I also stumbled over a few things (bugs) regarding Firefox that was interesting:

  1. Apparently if you have any other page than the Default Start page or Empty Page as New Page / Start Page in Firefox it can also slow the whole browser down, which seems to have happened to me. I had DuckDuck as start page and resetting it definitely sped Firefox up over all, not just in loading the first tab.
  2. Uninstalling all YouTube-related extensions definitely helped with loading and buffering in YouTube on Firefox.

Firefox is still slower than Edge in Windows (have not tried Edge on Linux yet) despite those things but it is not as bad as it was. It is still noticeable slower than both Edge and Vivaldi tho.

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Firefox is not slow here in fact its faster than chrome so i find it hard to understand your findings or is the UK net a faster and cleaner than yours, or my ISP using different settings than you i don’t know.

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I use various webkit browsers as my secondary depending on the machine.

At work, I use real Chrome, because it’s the official browser for my companies work, so…yeah.
At home on Endeavour, I use Chromium
At home on Debian, I use Chromium OR Edge
At home on Neon, since it’s based on Ubuntu which no longer HAS Chromium, I use Edge

I have found all 4 browsers to be fast and mostly hassle free so far. I might be an edge case, as my WEAKEST system is quad core celeron w/ 16GB ram & an SSD.
I have found Edge CANNOT have it’s user agent string changed or it defaults to the mobile search pages (really weird).
I have found Chrome is definitely slower than Chromium.
I have found Edge doesn’t work with any of the streaming services I use for me. Others have reported better results, but for me it fails with Tubi TV, Pluto TV, and Netflix. Firefox works with all the above, as does Chromium. For obvious reasons, I can only ASSUME Chrome does.
MS products online work much better in webkit browsers than Firefox. Skype doesn’t function AT ALL in Firefox.
Since Firefox is the only one that blocks videos autoplaying properly on most non-social engineering sites (toms hardware, anandtech, pcper,, etc), I have a hard time using the webkit browsers for a very long time due to the inundation with videos unless I block EVERYTHING javascript, then the pages are simply broken and don’t work.

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It might depend on hardware, software, speed… we have 500 Mbit up and down, cable connected thru a 1 Gbit router. Wifi is only used for printer and phones.

Reasonably powerful NVIDIA card (1050 ti ).
Firefox is definitely slower at both starting the application, uses more memory, and loading individual pages. Which also most online tests will confirm (memory use usually beats Chrome and Chromium, but ALL Edge vs Firefox comparisons since Edge 2.0 beta has shown Edge as both lighter memory wise and faster than Firefox. And I can definitely tell, it is slow enough to be visible by the eye (probably .3 to .5 seconds slower per page, enough to be noticed when comparing).

It is kinda sad; Firefox has been consistently slower than Webkit browsers since Chrome arrived on the scene and they never managed to catch up properly, it seems.

Autoplay is annoying. That, and the fact that Edge blocks all .exe files until you manually tell them they’re safe are the only annoyances I can find.

Love this :joy:

I like Edge on the windows machine at work…but that warning is something I would wan’t if I actually considered using it on linux. :yum:


Firefox on android is very slow to load a webpage if you type the address in address bar or search something. (Clicking on hyperlinks works fine). This issue isn’t just on my phone - it is there on every android device I have/had at home. And its been a long standing issue.

Yes they do feel a bit faster.

I haven’t tried Edge - can’t speak for that. But FF does have issues, and I’m still using it because the grass on other side ain’t much green either.


As I said, I stumbled over the “don’t change start page” bug on Firefox while trying different browsers this week and it seems to be part of it. Still not as fast as Vivaldi or Edge, but reseting start and new tab pages to default in FF definitely sped the browser up in general. Weird, but true.

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Just wondering why, same on iphone,
firefox is slow. But not so for firefox focus. Less spyware accessible from apple or google?

On computer no noticeable slow down, in fact I would argue my experience with edge (on windows) was slower browsing.

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What WebKit browser? :thinking:

None of these are WebKit they’re all Blink

Google forked just the Webcore component of WebKit years ago and made Blink which is not at all WebKit. The rest is Chromium sauce with different skins and spices

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Well, Firefox is the default browser on all my systems. It is light and fast. I do use one extension and that is 1Password. I enabled DNS over HTTPS in network settings and added my NextDNS config.

I am using Vivaldi as my secondary browser, but not Brave (which is bloated) and definitely not Edge nor Chrome (for privacy reasons). I am using DDG as my default search provider. I do believe that adding extensions can slow down the browser, so I try to keep it clean.

One more thing, on my windows device, when I start Edge, I could hear fan noise for about 5secs and that was strange.

Idk if I can agree with this, and Light = \ = fast.

I.E Epiphany is a much lighter browser than FF but it appears sluggish because it can be slow to render at times.

FF is just middle of the pack or bottom in most cases speed wise. While most won’t notice it is measurable with even Epiphany beating it in most cases aside from speed of physically drawing frames which depends on web content at the time for Epiphany.

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I get your point. Firefox sometimes struggles in rendering some webpages, but the overall experience is great, at least for me. Firefox is almost the only real web browser that is not Chromium-based and I do not want it to be a dead project in the future.


Oh fine. Late night. Blink.

You’re probably just using the internet incorrectly.

If a page renders slowly in Firefox, it’s a crappy page, it’s as simple as that. Such a page probably uses an obnoxious amount of JavaScript and you’re better off not even trying to load it.

Arch Wiki loads just fine in Firefox, that’s about 90% of the web you’ll ever need, anyway :wink:

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I could quarrel with your percentages… :grin:

90% of MY usage consists of forum access. I don’t access the archwiki very often with a browser (I have a Android tablet with the Archwiki app - and it not only gives good access, it means the information is accessible no matter WHERE and WHAT I am doing on the computer! (doing an Arch install was an early example, until access while installing was apparently wedged it).

Of course I also have to access banking sites, remote mirror sites, and even occasionally youtube…

Like I said, you’re using the internet incorrectly. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Do you have alternate method for remote monitoring mirrors? Surely you don’t expect me to use a phone for accessing banking? I think better alternatives should be adduced if suggesting current usage is ‘wrong’…


I suppose one good thing for Firefox is that you can load corrections for a Profiled Display. Its one of the reasons I use it as my main browser because almost no browsers support correction and on a wide gamut display colors are off.