Microphone stops working after connecting Wireless Headset

I have yet another issue with KDE and Plasma 6.


When joining the meeting on Firefox/Chrome my microphone does not work, but only when my headset is connected. I was able to debug it a bit and it seems that the reason is because there is additional Input Device which should not exist:

I don’t know how, but when I was tinkering around with the settings, I was able to remove it from the Input Devices and the microphone was working well.
Then I turned off and on headset which restarted the settings, and now browsers do not detect my microphone again (until I disconnect headset).

It’s worth to mention that pavucontrol shows constant input on proper microphone, however the browsers are muted.

TLDR will be fixed in wireplumber 0.5.1.

Apparently that’s another wireplumber issue. It costed me a whole system re-installation to see that the Gnome is also affected.

If someone is also affected, please see

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I’m not sure if your issue is the same as almost everyone else’s, but please make sure to search this forum (and the net) in the future before doing a reinstall. The nuclear route sometimes lands you right back into the same issue when the issue is just a faulty package update.

And in case it really isn’t fixed from the reinstall you’ve done, the fixes people have been recommending are either:

  • deleting the wireplumber folder found in .local/state and/or .config (recommended)
  • rolling back the update and waiting for a new one that fixes the issue (less recommended)

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