Microphone sounds awful even with noisetorch

I have an Acer nitro 5 with ryzen 7 2700u and an rx560x and the microphone sounds crisp clear on windows but very bad on linux. I am dualbooting windows and linux if it matters.

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What you are giving us to help you is …
not enough info.

What is your hardware? What drivers are in use, etc.

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog


Sorry im new to this.
I put the comand and got this https://0x0.st/Ho99.txt

Seems you are not alone:

One search-entry has a potential solution:

it sais that it cant find the app

Which app? Can it be installed?

in the forum you linked it said to install pulesaudio-support but when i try it i get this : error: target not found: pulseaudio-support

Try switch audio server to pulseaudio by installing pulseaudio-support. After this reboot.
sudo pacman -Syu pulseaudio-support

It was suggested in the post I linked to, above. - Did you read it?!

yep i copied the command but like i said it didnt work

Ok, so you will have to go another route, as pulse-audio-support doesn’t seem to be available on Arch (sorry, my bad):

Other than that, is your mic connected via a headset, a usb-port, or what? Could still be a kernel-issue…

my mic is the integrated mic.
iv looket at the link and i think the last thing i could try is to replace pipewire with pulseaudio what do you think?

A try couldn’t hurt (as pipewire is by far not yet working as “stable” as pulse).

ok im gonna try and come with the results

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tried it and it sounds the same unfortunately

So it has to do with linux-drivers / kernel for your hardware:

so there is nothing i can do?

Sorry to say, afaict. :frowning:

no prob thanks for trying

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