Microphone playing system audio instead of voice

Before i started just wanted to say that is the first time this happened to me and the second time on the forum so i have no ideia what to do in this case.

Well now to the error, i was playing some left 4 dead 2 with my friend then suddenly my microphone stop working and after that is started to play my system audio instead of voice.

I tested my microphone on my phone and it’s working fine.

I tried to reinstall all pulseaudio apps but the error still persists. I also tried to change the profile in the volume control but it didn’t work either.

Like i said before in this case i have no idea on what to do, don’t even know if i should put logs here.

What is this, and how is it connected?

If it suddenly happened with no other changes then it’s more likely to be a hardware issue, e.g. an electrical short.

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My microphone i have no ideia on what model it is, it is a generic one that i ripped of a old headset and glued to my new headphones.

I don’t think is a hardware issue, i tested the microphone in another devices and it’s working fine, the headphones is also working normally and i think is maybe something that got desconfigured in some error. Something that may be wort noting is that i updated my system 17 hours ago but the error just started when i was playing left 4 dead 2

Have you rebooted since?

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Yes, i tried to reboot it sometimes and also updated the system again to see if the error was fixed but nothing,

If you (by default) use pipewire, you should do some basic troubleshooting, with the help of Archwiki and manuals. Preferably starting from resetting user settings (delete relevant .config/ folders/files and restarting services, or relogin/reboot. I regret I have no such experience to guide you through.

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It was a hardware issue, my plugs from the mother board is damaged and because of that the system started to show some failures too (that is why my audio output was being played instead of my voice).

The replies here helped me with the tests so i am very thankful for that. I brought a new headphone that works with the others types of plugs on the pc and everything is working fine now.


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