Microphone echo using apps like discord with speakers

I know I had another post for another issue but this one’s more minor and unrelated so I figured I’d make another post. Is it possible to get some echo reduction or something on endeavor similar to how windows handles it? Currently using pipewire I believe but just would rather not put earbuds in for every chat if I can have it filter out echos/noise from speakers to begin with

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above a certain threshold, all sound input signals are going to create resonance, no matter your equipment. When you see professional podcasters wear headphone, it’s not just because they want to look cool.
Anyway, let’s pick two options amongst all the possible ones:
a) the expensive route: get a cardioid (or hyper cardioid) professional grade mic (Shure SM-7B or, if you are more picky, Electrovoice RE-20), mixer, sound suppressors, passive SNR booster (Cloudlifter and similar). Basically, bankrupt yourself but sound “broadcast pro”.
b) use 5$ earbuds, problem fixed.

Yeah but was mostly hoping for a software solution since it worked well enough on windows, I got real good earbuds but you know, sometimes don’t feel like using them. But if there’s no other option its better than running windows and getting shouted at to use copilot

I feel you, I went “option A” :rofl: