Mfc-j430w online can 't print

Hi i have tried all it will not print any help please

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Are cups and cups-pdf installed and cups enabled?

Have you installed the following packages from the AUR?

yay brother-mfc-j430w
yay brother-mfc-j430w-lpr
and possibly
yay brother-mfc-j430w-cups

And if this is a networked printer, to install the scanner driver
yay brscan4


Next, if this is a networked printer, make sure it has a Static IP address.

Then in a browser, start localhost:631 as in the OP.

Select Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)

enter your static IP address of the printer

select IPP Everywhere

If this is a networked printer and you want to enable the scanner:
sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=‘brother’ model=‘DCP-J4120DW’ ip=
change printer info and IP as necessary

Install simple-scan or other scanner app.


Using the following package.

yay brother-mfc-j430w

It says in the comments. To print from my system, I had to add the printer in CUPS as a ‘LPD/LPR Host or Printer’, and my connection is ‘lpd://PRINTER_IP/BINARY_P1’ substituting my printer’s ip address for PRINTER_IP.