Meta Key/Super Key not working in KDE

The Meta/Super key does not work in KDE. Everytime i press it, it doesn’t open the KDE application launcher. I have set the application launcher keybind to “Alt+F1” but that also does not fix this issue. The super key works fine when I reboot into Windows

It works fine on mine.


Edit: On my install Alt + F1 is already enabled in KDE. Meta key works from the installed system. So i don’t know what the issue is unless you have made changes.

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Setting it to Alt+F1 in the launcher settings should work.

Which launcher are you using?

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I have tried that in the application launcher settings, it still does not work

What keyboard are you using, and are the keyboard-layout settings set accordingly?

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This is what I was trying to think of

:rofl: You make my day by cracking me up!

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I am not sure, I am using a default laptop keyboard. How do I check keyboard-layout settings?


You can check and change your keyboard settings here

Multiple ways, as usual on linux. First thing, go to kb-settings in KDE settings manager, or whatever that darn thing is named. From there, move on to the Layouts tab…

Another way would be installing a virtual keyboard (don’t know what it’s named in KDE) and compare that virtual kb-layout to your real kb.

A third, more comprehensive way (as always) would be consulting the Arch-Wiki.

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There seems to be no option for fixing this issue here

I was able to fix this with ksuperkey

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So now you’re ksuperguy! :joy:

Glad you got it fixed!


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