Meta and Mozilla are now working together!

Facebook’s entire business model is capturing private information and packaging it for resale. It is not possible for Facebook to use any “privacy preserving” technology without imploding. Really sad that the Mozilla Foundation seems bent on destroying the entire purpose for the existence of Firefox.



Mozilla and Meta Collaborate on Interoperable Private Attribution - YouTube

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Mental Outlaw made a video on it:

In the video, Mental Outlaw reads about websites costing money. Web hosting is so cheap. I pay less than $20 USD a YEAR and that includes unlimited bandwidth, with several sites on that.

Yes, the problem is with the digital stalking. If ads didn’t stalk people, then I’d be more receptive to allowing them.

Having the Zuckerverse involved is surely not going to be good.

“No code has been changed in Firefox, YET.”

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Why is that? What is your understanding of this so that you draw this conclusion?

When reading what they announced and listening to the video I do not understand where the outrage is coming from.

  1. The intention of this new functionality is to improve web browsing privacy compared to what we have today.
  2. The new functionality can eventually be turned off in the firefox config.
  3. This new functionality will, might become a standard from the W3C. This would mean that other browser woudl adopt it too.

I wonder why so many people in collaborations like this only see the “evil” entity influencing the other one which is leading to destroying what “the good one” stood for.
Why not look the other way around?

If Mozilla with their expertise and work can somehow impact Meta’s practices to be at least a little bit less malicious in achieving their business goals, why not support that?
Now I am aware that this is a partnership in which each side is looking to achieve their goals but why assume only something bad can come out of it?

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The nature of evil is that it corrupts everything. In a compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that wins, just like mixing food with poison makes the food poisonous, but does not make the poison nutritious.

It’s like the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


Because Facebook and similar corporations do not have an interest in providing something to consumers unless it is profitable, and their entire business model revolves around exploiting people who do not know better.

In addition, Mozilla is small fish in comparison to Facebook, and I would be surprised if their influence wasn’t limited.

With that said, I have not yet watched the video yet or read about this particular collaboration so it is certainly plausible, however unlikely, that something fruitful will come out of it.

I think it is an interesting collaboration, because Mozilla must have known there would be quite a bit of backlash from their powerusers, and it isn’t the first time in recent years Mozilla have done something like that. Makes sense to attempt to capture new users I suppose, regardless of the potential backlash from current users. Not like there is a viable alternative for them to flee to.


Of course, for sure doing anything by basically any for profit corporations have the profit in mind.
But I don’t agree that zero collaboration is always better than some collaboration (still assuming Mozilla has clear conscience and has it’s own goals to achieve here, but this time will tell).

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I agree. It is always possible, however small chance it may be, that Mozilla manage to have a positive impact on Meta.

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You are all quite naive … :rainbow: :unicorn:


No, we are all prophets of the Doomsday!

Seahorse may be my new daily.

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An organisation driven by profit collaborates with a non-profit organisation:
The cynic in me says - the non-profit guys are motivated by profit first and then other stuff, so it would be unsurprising if the outcome is not in the interests of the wider world.

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I despise Facebook …Meta what ever they want to call themselves. But, i like Firefox so i will take a wait & see position because currently there is no other browser i want to use or would use at this point.


When we talk about Meta and Mozilla, it is obvious who will win that fight.

On the other hand, we have to thank only ourselves for letting companies like Meta to rule the world like they currently do.


I don’t get it. Zuckerberg makes a website to stalk and connect with hot college chicks and makes millions.

I stalk and try to connect with hot college chicks and I get a restraining order.

Everything is better with the Meta.


Maybe “you are holding it wrong”. :wink: