Mesa + vulkan-intel for integrated gpu?

Hi, I have a doubt? I have a laptop Dell 3420 with i5-1135G7 integrated GPU Iris Xe.
There is mesa installed by EndeavourOS but reading this arch wiki page for my laptop
I saw that it suggest to install mesa+ vulkan-intel so I installed this vulkan package that was not installed by default, it is correct or is useless?
I need to install even lib32-vulkan-intel?

If you do some gaming or graphics modeling then indeed, mesa and vulkan drivers might be needed; 32 bit libraries are needed only if you run 32 bit games/binaries; read about setting up the intel graphics in here: and experiment with different parameters and graphic settings.

thanks, what’s is important for me is that is correct have mesa and vulkan-intel installed on the laptop without conflict between the 2. I use Thermald in association with auto-cpufreq and works great with mesa and it seems they work perfectly with mesa+vulkan-intel too.

I have been following the Xe driver development–Information I’ve collected is here: The Day I've been WAITING for (in Intel News)--updated Xe driver information

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