Mesa Updates

Mesa 20.2 is now out for testing.


Linux drivers are getting better

I clean installed everything a few weeks ago and decided not to download Nvidia this time, and noticed a big jump in performance from the last time a year or two ago when I tried using the free open source drivers

I’m still using the open source ones and think I’ll stick with them

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also no tearing on watching videos?

I have no tearing on videos anymore. It was the main problem I faced in the past with the free Linux drivers. Also their ability to handle heavier usage is catching up to proprietary drivers


i will try that, as i hate setting up all nvidia configuration… i need kernelparameters on boot settings in xorg and nvidia settings thats way to much…

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just converted to nouveau driver, need to change some stuff for i3 setup, seems nouveau have different identificators for displays, HDMI-0 is called HDMI-1 on nouveau drivers… and i need to change picom to get nice tearfree :ice_cube:

picom -b --unredir-if-possible --backend xr_glx_hybrid --vsync --use-damage --glx-no-stencil

So I can replicate that nouveau is much better now!

Let’s see what new Mesa will do then it is still:

mesa 20.1.5-1

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