Merge partition


Could you help me to delete partitions (sda10, sda4, sda12) and merge them to another (Sda 13) without risk of damage?

Sda10, sda4, sda12 to delete.

Then merge them in Sda 13

Thanks in advance

First, modifying partitions always comes with a risk of damage. You should never do that unless you have a backup of your data first.

As for the others, merging 4 and 12 into 13 is easy. Just delete 4 and 12 and then expand 13 into the empty space.

Partition 10 is harder. After deleting 10, you would need to move 5, 9 and 11 to get the empty space to be next to 13 and then extend 13. Since 11 appears to be your / partition, you would need to boot off an ISO to do that.


Thank you very much for your precise answer.
I would like to start with the easiest one:
Delete 4 and 12, to merge into 13.

How do I do this please?

You can do it directly in gparted. Right click on the partitions you want to delete and then select delete from the context menu.

Then those will be empty space. Then you can click on 13 and select resize/move. That will pop up a window and you can drag the partition into the empty space.


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Ok, thank you !

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