Memtest86+ not in boot menue

It seems that I have some memory issues with my laptop. I want to run a memory test on it.
So I installed memetest86±efi: pacman -S memtest86±efi
I found /boot/memtest86+ on my disk.
The problem is, that I can not start the memory test on boot menue.
My laptop has an UEFI, but I am not sure if the system boots using GRUB. When I remenber correctly I chose “system boot” not GRUB when I set up my laptop.

So, how can I start memtest86+?

Please have a look:

Hope this helps!

Just a quick warning that neither those links have the information you need to on how to setup systemd-boot with the data from the package you installed.

I don’t have time to test this right now but the basic steps would be something like:

sudo mkdir /efi/EFI/memtest86
sudo cp /boot/memtest86+/memtest.efi /efi/EFI/memtest86/.

Then create a manual conf file in /efi/loader/entries

It should look something like this:

title  memtest86
efi    /EFI/memtest86/memtest.efi

Thanks for all replies. Because of systemd boot, I just copied the ISO to an usb stick to boot from.

The memtest86+ was running for about 8 hours, no error was detcted.

Although only 5 out of 10 have been executed, I think that the memory bars do not have any errors. What do you think?
How meaningful is a memtest86+?

My laptop shows a strange behavior. The most noticeable thing is that the computer behaves as if casp lock is active, although it is not. Then only a reboot helps or sometimes that I activate and deactivate caps lock several times.

The error occurs for about 4 to 5 weeks. At that time first under installed Ubuntu, but also under Endeavour Os.

To me, this doesn’t sounds like an issue with bad memory.

This sounds more like a software or firmware issue.