Memory Usage September ISO

The memory usage on Xfce with the new offline ISO seems higher. I was wondering what others are finding? I’m running 1.2 to 1.3 GB with Firefox browser running. Again it depends on where you check.



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Mozilla Firefox can eat hundreds of megabytes. Just try to launch another screenfetch / neofetch and see how much memory is eaten.

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You are so right. I guess i was looking at it before without Firefox running in Arch and Xfce was only using 466 MB. I just checked my EndeavourOS Cinnamon which uses more and it is at 866 MB and with Firefox running it jumps to 1.3 GB and as high as 1.5 GB or more. Ya it definitely pulls in the memory.

It’s a good thing i got 32 GB of it! lol :rofl:


cinnamon is also a ram eater :smiley:

Yes it can… Live screenshot :wink: Not mentioning that it has these ‘web content’ child processes.

Web content processes? It is just process isolation know a electrolysis. If a tab crashes, Mozilla Firefox won’t crash too.

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Ram is there also to use it :wink:
We do ship a lot of libs for filesystem and media support also, and xfce is creating thumbnails docs can get updated… and of cause running a browser is also not the best to check ram usage :wink:


Good lecture, wasn’t aware of that, perhaps never needed to deep dive in what these processes are.

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Oh, I thought getting 8 or 16Gb of ram was only for decorating a PC :joy::crazy_face:

yes it is not chocolate it is fast short memory to used to run programs and procedures :joy:

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