MEGASync suddenly slowly starting up - full rescan

Hi guys,

for some days now my MEGA sync client is doing a full scan that takes more than 10 minutes where it were about 30 seconds last week. 99,9% of the files weren’t changed. No issue up to then, when last week something happened I can’t explain.

I created an issue report @MEGA ( with more details, but as the client hasn’t been updated for some weeks I’m pretty sure that the cause is somewhere else. I have this behaviour on two nearly identical machines.

Only (relevant) updates were a minor kernel update and KDE 5.98 to 5.99.

Exiting the MEGA client (no processes running anymore) and starting again is fast as in good old times but logging out/in or rebooting the machine makes the client think all my local sync files are “new” (though they are not).

May be anybody else here having this?


This was also reported some days ago, from a WinOS user. You might want to read.

Thanks @petsam - I got in contact with MEGA support. The bug is same as in already fixed windows version 4.7.1. Linux is still on 4.6.8 - they will skip 4.7.0 for Linux. 4.7.1 will be out soon.

I’ll check when new release is out. But I suppose it will be solved then as the behaviour is same only the “isCrashed” entry in MegaSync log was missing. The support told me that the log entry had a different name in versions 4.6.x.

:clock230: tic toc - waiting impatiently

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