Medieval Dynasty freezes on Toplitz loading screen

Hey, everyone!

I’m using Proton through Steam to play Medieval Dynasty, but it freezes on Toplitz loading screen. Does anyone of you can play MD on Linux without any issues?


Worth reading through the posts on and e.g. comparing the version of Proton you’re using.

I’ll check that out. Thanks!

OK, this is what I did from that website:

Followed the instructions of christophrhein and got proper installation to work. Played for a while but then update of game occred and game would no longer get past loading screen. From there I removed the introduction files and game worked better then before (most videos now play). Removed following files & folder from “Medieval_Dynasty\Content\Movies”.
Logo_RenderCube.mp4 Logo_Toplitz.mp4 Logo_UE4.mp4 \Intro\

So, I removed Logo_Toplitz.mp4 file and it worked!!! However, it’s almost unplayable… too laggy! I’ll have to find how to improve the performance of the game, since even adjusting the graphics settings the performance is too low.

EDIT: I set to Low everything on Graphics Settings, but it’s the same!!! 20 FPS average.

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