Mediathekview on 05.07.2021

mediathek no longer opens. Installed normally without complications, and it worked fine.
Now, nothing more. I reinstalled but the same problem.
A driver is missing ?
What can i do bring mediathekview library back to life ?
I have acer aspire tc885 and eos 2021.04.17 with cinnamon.

You could try mediathekview-git from the AUR, to get the latest version. The official package is flagged as outdated and therefore may have some problems.

i found qmediathekview-git at aur - I install, but it’s not the same as mediathekview 13.7.1-1.
According to the media library, this version (13.7.1-1) is the latest version. :roll_eyes:

I downloaded mediathek from mediathek website and installed it. Now I have it again.
But I not understand, you have the same version in pacman or pamac, but does not work.
Of course, I would be easier and safer to download mediathek from pacman or pamac,
espesially since it is offered by EOS. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

It’s offered by arch, not EOS. The package in the arch repository needs a rebuild against jre16 according to this bug report. The package is marked as out of date, but the maintainer can’t properly update it, because the new dependency seems to be missing upstream for now.

You should sometimes check this site, if the package is updated. Then you can install it via pacman again.

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that may all be fine, then why can i start media in manjaro and not in eos ?

Manjaro doesn’t really use the official arch repos. They use their own repos that slowly catch up to the official arch packages. They probably still have the old dependencies/packages in their own repos, so this package does still run.

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Which way is more user-friendly here, that of manjaro or that of eos. The fact is, I don’t have
any mediathek now. A Solution will come in the near future ?

You could try to download the appimage (Linux Standalone) and just run it. The appimage should have all relevant dependencies inside.

What is more user-friendly isn’t really mine to say, that heavily depends on the user. A solution for the arch repos will come, when the mentioned bug is resolved.


You may need to make the appimage executable before being able to run it:

chmod +x /path/to/file

One approach means you occasionally have old, end-of-life, and/or vulnerable software in the repos. The other approach means occasionally software stops working until it is updated upstream.

You can always downgrade packages should it be needed, or install a Java 15 runtime from the AUR (e.g. zulu-15-bin).

for this I recommend the appimage too. Arch offers the latest packages and you must install the correct version of jre to run MV. It’s easier to run this as an appimage with all dependencies included by the developers.

MV tells you, when a new version is avaible.
You can simply add an update script for this in /usr/local/bin (chmod +x) The filename for this is always the same, that makes this easy.

This is an example for it. It puts the AppImage file in the /opt folder.

sudo wget -O /opt/MediathekView-latest-linux-x86_64.AppImage && sudo chmod +x /opt/MediathekView-latest-linux-x86_64.AppImage