Mediasonic Probox H82-SU31C 8-Bay Missing Disks

Hello, I am in a predicament with this one thing that I cannot solve. When powering this thing on on a fresh EndeavourOS KDE install there are some disks that do not show (4 disks I think). The ones that don’t show show “Unknown” in Gnome Disks program. There seen but not mountable.

When booting in a live Linux Mint system I can see all 8 disks and access the data, I installed Linux Mint to see if they all were still accessible and they were.

I’m not currently on EndeavourOS nor Mint but I wanted to ask here if anyone has any ideas or recommendations or even experience with such a device if they can share there knowledge. If anyone is willing to go further and help troubleshoot this I will happily install EndeavourOS to get things rolling.

This is just a does anyone know inquiry for now. All disks are formatted to NTFS all JBOD btw.

Here is a quote from a response of the same product on Amazon if this may help. “Response to complaint about Linux not creating /dev/disk/by-id/ devices: This has nothing to do whether the device does or doesn’t implement the “USB 3.1 Gen2 standard.” This is an issue with your udev config. The enclosure uses USB attached SCSI (UAS). It is configured as 4 SCSI targets with two LUNs each, 0 and 1. SCSI devices have a long history of having broken non-0 LUNs, so several Linux distros don’t have udev rules for non-0 LUNs to prevent these bad devices from affecting system stability.”

Update: I got curious and booted into a live system of the latest EndeavourOS and got to entering commands like sudo blkid and sudo lsblk then I opened gparted and then I noticed all of my disks in the Mediasonic device were visible and accessible. I was sure I was good then. I installed EndeavourOS and I discovered the disks were not visible again until I entered those commands and opened gparted. I’m not sure which action made the disks visible. One thing to mention which might be important, when opening gparted I get a libparted prompt before gparted opens saying “can’t have partition outside of the disk” prompted 5 times. One of the 5 is an 18 TB external HDD unrelated to the original 4 disks outside of the Probox.

I did confirm it is 4 disks that do not show normally without doing the above commands + gparted, and here is a screenshot showing what all 4 of those disks show in gparted

Here is a screenshot of gparted showing the 4 disks as unknown

This is what blkid shows after I got all the disks to mount if it’s important

One thing that seems important is I see this at the bottom with the command sudo blkid
/dev/sdg1: PARTLABEL=“Microsoft reserved partition” PARTUUID=“8f0d380d-477b-40d8-bb01-8e822de7acb9”
/dev/sde1: PARTLABEL=“Microsoft reserved partition” PARTUUID=“765b9652-7278-41e0-a73e-2d4e301542f8”
/dev/sda1: PARTLABEL=“Microsoft reserved partition” PARTUUID=“b7c1834b-6ee7-4352-a941-c4039d04ebc7”
/dev/sdj1: PARTLABEL=“Microsoft reserved partition” PARTUUID=“44dcc976-dbeb-42a4-bd5f-3f2a911a3821”

The above are in conjunction with same sd* disks. These 4 all have a 15.98 MiB size Microsoft reserved partition at the beginning of the drives as a separate partition. One of the above is an external 18 TB HDD unrelated to the main first 4.

Since I got them all to be mounted and accessible I set them up to auto mount using fstab with the info from blkid, then rebooted and I am shown an error before boot for 4 disks shown in the following photo

I then removed the 4 drives from fstab to see what’s what and then I see this

Some of the other disks not removed from fstab now showing dependency failed. Now I’m really confused.

I really hope this is put together well enough to understand. If there is any clarification or anything I can do I will to hopefully solve this.


Update 2: I got this working somehow without fstab entries, just by using the Removable Devices Automount.

Check in your BIOS settings that the SATA controller is set to AHCI mode.

I checked and it was already enabled.