May 15, release of Explicit Sync Protocol for Nvidia, what is it and how does it affect X11/Wayland?

Hi friends.

I would like to know what exactly is the “Explicit Sync Protocol” and what it solves.

I was looking for information about problems with flickering in games on my EOS KDE 6.0 with my 1050 ti and proprietary drivers, and found a lot of answers.

Most of the users said that everything will be fixed tomorrow May 15, when the “Explicit Sync Protocol” will be released:

But I don’t understand exactly. Supposedly this fixes the flickering that occurs in Wayland, and that doesn’t happen in X11. But apparently this also fixes other non-visual bugs, that I have in Wayland when using Steam, Jdownlaoder 2 (java), Clamtk, etc?

What exactly will this “update” fix? Sorry if this is a silly question, but it seems like a really important update, especially if it can fix the problems I have in Wayland, since most of the programs don’t work properly.

For example, I can’t copy anything in Steam chat with Wayland, this is really annoying. And similar things happen to me with almost all programs in Wayland, so if this will fix all that, it would be great.

Also, there is talk that this update will come with KDE 6.1. So I don’t know if it is an update from Nvidia, from KDE, from Arch, or from EOS.

(I mean, I like X11 and Wayland, I like both, but I’d like both to work well).

Thanks in advance.

This is a good explanation from KDE Developer, Xaver Hugl.

May 15 marks the beta release date, so not likely to hit the official packages just yet, but you may find some AUR options.

Note this answer here that mentions the need for distro support also, at least as far as XWayland is concerned.


Thank you very much friend, this really answered all my doubts!

Damn no!

I was really happy today because I thought it was today, now I will have to wait several more months then!


So maybe in June, no later than July if all goes well?

Thanks for all your help friend!