Matrix Rain

What do you all think of the Matrix rain? I’ve seen several different versions and apps. But, I just ran across the best one yet and Lilly Wachowski agrees and says it may even be better than the original.

Obviously there is no practical purpose, but it’s something that I always found kind of neat.

There are a lot of different config options and several presets you can try. It runs in a web browser so, if you want minimal window decorations you could use qutebrowser.

Some of you may have already seen this version as the initial git commit is 4 years old but it was just updated a couple days ago.

Anyway, here’s the git page with all the options and if you want to download and run the server yourself offline:
And here’s the webserver if you just want to connect and mess around with it online:



I use cmatrix because it uses normal ascii fonts and not those Japanese glyphs. Only reason why I have it is for a lockscreen. Most lockscreens have just a static image. So I open a terminal in fullscreen and let this running and on top I have i3lock with about 15% opacity.
It’s just for the cool effect. It works for mine i3wm setup but I am not sure how well it could run in other DEs.

The xscreensaver package, besides being an eye-candy screensaver, has a Matrix like module called XMatrix and several dozen others. Worth a quick review. Most of the modules have configuration options.

The package is in Arch Extra. And is 30 years old this year.

if you compile ly-git from aur you got it too :slight_smile:

current ly in repo idk

source: Joe’s ly :slight_smile:

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nice just wanted to post it :wink:

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