Matlab AUR package

I installed Matlab 2022a with the help of the AUR package and it works perfectly. Do I have to keep said package? Can I uninstall it to save some space?

You don’t mean that you want to uninstall it?

Do you want to remove the package that was build locally on your system?
Then yes, just delete it.

If you mean to uninstall matlab then uninstall it.

I am sorry but it is not clear what you are trying to do.

You can delete the directory where you’ve cloned and built the package. Matlab will remain installed on your system. If you want to uninstall it (that is, remove Matlab entirely from your system), you can do so with sudo pacman -R matlab

Also, please don’t post newbie questions about how the AUR works on the AUR page of some package. That’s what this forum is for. :slight_smile:

…or if you’re going to ask there (which I don’t recommend, as it’s a good way to get yourself banned), don’t ask here without letting us know that it’s been asked elsewhere. It just unnecessarily multiplies the effort to give you an answer.