Maths Help!

Very very off topic but would anyone know how to answer 6b

I basically have no idea and it isn’t really a question I can search uo.
Thank you!! (And sorry)


Well, I am not going to do your homework for you but if you think about what an interquartile range represents it should be fairly straightforward.

In other words, how many quartiles are represented in the range 81+ and what is a quartile.

The answer to the above should be a percentage. Then take that percentage and multiply it by 60(the number of students).


Oh I get it thank you… The percentage thing helped a lot thank you I kept trying to find a absolute value… Sorry for disturbing you;)

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Where xu is upper quartile and xl is lower quartile. :hole: :walking_man:


This is why I like multiple choice. :joy:


If I was the teacher, I would be scared whittles if my students IQ was 60. :thinking: