Materia Purple & Breath GTK/Shell/GDM Theme PKGBUILD for Gnome 40

Made a quick package build and some hooks for installing Materia Breath theme by thezest (gitlab link at the bottom and now in purple)

This PKGBUILD includes a GDM theme and hooks to keep it updated and to backup the original GDM theme

Follow the install instructions on the gitlab


Looks kinda like Adapta, might try it out. Thanks for your work!
How did you change the colors? Materia includes a change-color script but it seems to be broken (I filed an issue).

I didnt make the theme just the pkgbuild so i dont know the answer tbh. The theme is Materia with Breath Colors

check the link to gnome-look

I use to do themeing but its such a pain that i dont do it anymore and find themes i like


look manjaro… need more Purple :rofl: :innocent: :pray: Look nice really :+1:

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There’s a purple version the theme author makes. If people ask for it I can make a pkgbuild for it

Its based on KDE breath colors afaik

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Made one for the purple theme


i try that today . :pray: :enos_flag: