Mate panel weather plugin does not work

Weather data is not loaded or displayed. And if I set a new location by removing the old one, I get an error message that the plugin has crashed, I can refresh the panel, or delete the plugin. I also reproduced the case on Manjaro and EOS.

Makes me wonder who the weather info supplier is. There has been quite an upheaval recently in the ‘weather game’, and many of the websites have changed their ownership, look and API’s (or even eliminated them in some cases). Perhaps let us know who is supposed to be supplying the info…

I don’t know who provides the info. As I read, the Mate weather plugin is pretty problematic.

Most of them are pretty marginal, I’m afraid. Unfortunately - the solution I know best is not a very ‘general use’ kind of thing :smile:

I ran into someone making a very nice job of adding weather (and more) to conky - a desktop information display system - and I use his Conkywx add-in. It is unfortunate though in that you need some scripting skills to get what you end up wanting…

I’ll add in my current screen setup - which monitors the system, and tracks the weather both at home and in other places around the world where I know someone. I have to admit to spending some time on it though! Here it is (slightly green at the moment)

As you can see - lots of information there - and it doesn’t care what DE you’re using either or OS for that matter (same setup on Xubuntu, Arch, Arcolinux, Mx-19 etc)

I would see if there’s a way to use OpenWeatherMap and provide it with co-ordinates.

That’s the system I could get working on cinnamon.

Looks like this a known bug, related to libsoup:

Thanks for your help. This error is not as significant, and the weather applet works nicely on Xfce desktop, for example.

Yes this is a known bug, yesterday I also found that the location cannot be changed. Regardless, the weather data isn’t visible right now either. Maybe the two are related.

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In the meantime, there is weather data again. Apparently, it could only have been a temporary outage. I could not reproduce the other error related to the change of location either.

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The joy was early. Weather data is missing again.

I think a weather stone should be employed. They have performed well for centuries.

See “Instructions for “analyzing” weather with the weather stone” in the included link.



You may be right. Joke aside, interestingly unlike the Mate, the Xfce weather plugin usually works normally.