Mate interface like Manjaro like Cinnamon

when iinstall Mate on Endeavouros i have a panel on top and a panel on the bottom ,
in a previous installation i have Manjaro , and there a unique panel on the bottom , with all the app appear ,
the desktop is like Cinnamon .

how can I do, and where are the settings to have the same result

Hello @lezigue and welcome to the purple side :smiley: It’s hard to understand what you are wanting however user settings are stored in the user directory under .config mostly some apps go outside the .config folder however they should still be in your home folder under hidden

Not a Mate user but I remotely recall that you could create and customize panels with Mate Tweak tool.

It is not in the Arch repos but in AUR:

Have a look at this video from 08:32 where there is a demonstration of Mate Tweak tool:

Ubuntu MATE 21.04 - Elegance Redefined with New Panels and more! - YouTube


thanks it is the solution , but it don’t work .

3 choice are in mate-tweak panel , for the same result only icons change

i try to install mate-tweak-git but i have got errors .

in the video they are 8 choices and they aren’t gnome , suse , … they are contempory , cupertino ,familiar,…

i found Mate less usable , with one panel on top and one on bottom .

Hopefully Mate users on the forum might be able to help you out.

In the meantime, if you still have access to your Manjaro system, check what packages are installed for the panel/desktop layout.

Also, you could ask over at Manjaro’s support channels.

I have found the following packages in Manjaro’s community repo which might be the ones you are looking for or not:

You could look for yourself what Mate packages are available in Manjaro’s community repo:

Hey guys, for ubuntu there is a different situation. Ubuntu Mate is in the ubuntu repositories with their own content. It can very well be that they have added the extra options there and those would be available only in the ubuntu environment.

In the AUR you get the tweak tool and it seems three layout options.
The ubuntu mate tweak tool package probably includes more layout configs.

Unfortunatelly I also do not know where in the Arch universe one can “aquire” the extra configs.

Last time I took mate for a spin was too short to play around with it.

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Last time I tested Mate was quite a looong time ago so my memory might not be serving me right.
I guess one can also add/remove panels and customize them manually.

In the case of OP, it should be possible to perhaps right-click on the bottom panel and add or remove launchers, plugins, menu etc. When done to satisfaction, then remove the top panel completely.

Edit: I found these articles which might provide OP with some hints on how to customize the panel in Mate:

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Yes of course one can manually change it, quite heavily :slight_smile:

But from the way the question was asked I though maybe the person would like to avoid rework :wink:

But you provided the walkthrough, so now it should be easier for him.

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Not the best approach on Arch ( -based distros) :sweat_smile:

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@lezigue Welcome to EndeavourOS.

These are my settings:

Main Menu: System -> Preferences -> Look and Feel -> Appearance
(also Control Center -> Look and Feel -> Appearance)
in that dialog, choose "Customize" button.
Controls : Arc Dark
Window Border : Arc Dark
Icons : Qogir Dark
Pointer : MATE Black (large)

Might want to change the font, which is a different tab of the big “Appearance” dialog.

Of course, adjust to your taste and your belief that it looks like Manjaro Cinnamon because it’s not going to look exactly like it. You’re running MATE D.E., aren’t you? Well that’s MATE not Cinnamon. :slight_smile:

To have one “be all” panel, you have to remove the bottom one, and take the top one and change it to the bottom. Then that panel that is left, click right mouse button and choose “Add to Panel”. Then choose “Window List” to get the list of apps running after you launch them. If you want to see the quick status of workspaces, and the button to dismiss all windows and see the desktop, you’ll have to add those to the panel as well.

sorry to be gone for a while, when I wrote I was in the middle of the installation , and I needed the os work right now ; I thought I would receive automatic notifications from the forum in the event of a response .
thank for your responses i 'll try mate-panel-layout , I unzip and overwrite the directory .