Mate doesn't open

Mate doesn’t open and goes back to the login screen after each login. I also have KDE Plasma on with Qt off so what now?

KDE also so not start?

Could be graphics driver not updated.
What graphics and driver in use? And what is your DM (login manager)

I have trouble installing the Nvidia drivers(yes, I have a Nvidia GT220(it is based on the GT 216). The nvidia-installer and the official Nvidia run file doesn’t work. I have Light DM and I also have trouble using GNOME now! What to do?

EDIT: GNOME, KDE and MATE keep throwing it for a loop. I can only use XFCE now.

Your card is only supported by Nvidia 340xx not anymore compatible with current X Org version. So you can use nouveau driver only (open Source Nvidia driver)

As @joekamprad said, your card isn’t officially supported and it is recommended to use Nouveau as described in the wiki article.

There is a Nvidia 340xx driver in the AUR maintained by a community.
It works, but it is almost mandatory to install the lts kernel next to the regular kernel when you use that one.
The updates follow after a kernel update and not simultaneously as with the supported nvidia drivers, so the driver might not work directly after a linux update.

So just install the lts kernel and the headers (lts and regular)
Then install with yay nvidia-340xx-dkms and nvidia-340xx-utils

After install type sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf in the terminal
and change the line MODUS=() into MODUS=(Nvidia) and save with Ctrl + x

Then type sudo mkinitcpio -p linux
After the procedure repeat the action above with linux-lts
and reboot.

This way you have a back up kernel to boot the system with the nvidia driver, in case the driver doesn’t immediately work after an update.

I am running it on an older machine for some months now and it works, if you have this set up.

I’ll just continue using the nouveau drivers as it works wonderfully! Thanks!