Mastodon vs Fediverse

I just noticed that the presence on the Fediverse is labeled as Mastodon, probably because the EndevourOS account is hosted on a server running Mastodon. But shouldn’t this rather say “Fediverse” because as a matter of fact everyone on the Fediverse can communicate/follow your account? And what technology you use to take part shouldn’t matter?


I know this might sound narrow-minded, but I find the fact that many simply replace Twitter with Mastodon, centralized with almost centralized, a little simplistic. The Fediverse is a much bigger idea and simply calling everything Mastodon feels like we are giving up on the grand Fediverse idea for no real reason.
I am following you from my personal Pleroma server for example.


Thanks for bringing this up, it never occurred to me it could be perceived that way.
I will change it later this day.


It has been changed

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I saw that you are on the server, sadly since some days (think everyone know why) the server is always overloaded…

I switched to the server

great that fediverse got some momentum, but hope that the servers will get stabilized.

A dedicated EOS Mastodon instance is in the planning. It wasn’t on top of the to-do list because of the small amount of followers in the recent past but I will start to create it very soon.


I’m over on too.

@Bryanpwo Its a great server

May I ask why it’s “automatically” going to be Mastodon? When I did my research back then it felt way to heavy for the few users I was planing to support.
Do you expect many users with an account on

At the moment we have 1.1K followers. I have to be honest, I didn’t check the amount of followers for some time now and I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount.

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I am definitely no expert on ActivityPub, but followers shouldn’t matter, should it?

You might end up with only the core team holding accounts on your server and that’s what’s creating load and defines how heavy a setup you need. Clustered, multiple VMs, what have you…
For followers it’s probably network bandwidth to your server which is the limiting factor.

I still have to decide on moving it to another instance or creating one.

If the resources are limited, it is a question, for what them are used and the amount of followers give you an idea it it is worth or not.

I appreciate the forum here a lot, but social networks, today, are a must to get some attention and only with attention, you can get more resources. (btw I don’t read distrowatch but go everyday on the site only to click, for the moment endeavourOS, that it stay on the higher ranks, because a lot of suggestion are taken from there)

When I wrote “followers don’t matter” I meant for server sizing / picking the software. I of course agree that followers matter from a “marketing” point of view.
To pick the server software and hardware the amount of accounts local to the server matters.

By the way Bryan, there is a semi official logo for the Fediverse if you want to use something more official for the icon. This one might be a good fit:"1667423321895548435~1~975efe6fe77516998d64edf74a70d14eeb6a67c2"

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