Mastodon vs. Akkoma

I was reviewing some old posts (of mine) on the forum, and I noticed that @Bryanpwo was considering a Mastodon server for EnOS; but some consider Mastodon a little heavy for the projected number of users for the instance.

Pleroma is much more lightweight, and has some benefits over Mastodon, as it federates with more services. And then, Iwas introduced to this. - website - source

It looks interesting, is lightweight, and federates extremely well (as its a Pleroma fork). This may fit requirements, and it definitely works well (I know of other companies that use it).

I invite anyone to check it out. Personally, I don’t think that EndeavourOS needs any more than a forum, but its only fair to give the community, some options.

Any opinions, chuck them below.


Thank you for the tip, I will look into it.

Just a side note, we mainly use our Mastodon and Twitter accounts for announcements, especially when the websites, forum or even the entire server are down.
That was something our predecessor, Antergos, often lacked and you had to guess when the server or website was coming back.

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I have been using Pleroma for a few years and recently switched to Akkoma. Would definitely recommend the later because there is live there- Pleroma feels abandoned.

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