Mark Forums Read?

No option to mark the forums as read? Or am I missing it?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, isn’t “Dismiss New” the option you’re looking for?

Similar, I suppose. Not a huge issue at all. Just curious. There are forums I visit that have one, or both options. A “Mark Forums Read” would clear all. I suppose “Dismiss New” would just clear all new posts.

To my knowledge you can only dismiss the “Unread” and “New” sections.

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I see now. Copy that. Thanks!

Both exist. It depends what view of the forum you are in. If you click “unread”, the dismiss button handles unread.

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If you click on topics, categories it shows latest, new and unread.

Edit: As far as i can tell if you click on a topic it is marked as read or considered read. :thinking:

Well, yeah. But then you have to click one topic at a time to mark each one as read.

Couldn’t you just read them? :duck:

That's mostly what I do

That’s a lot of reading. :nerd_face:

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Many times the subject doesn’t pertain to me in any way, or just doesn’t interest me. If something pops up as a help question, I always read it in case I can offer assistance.

So why would you want it marked as read, if you didn’t read it?

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As i said above…

The forum software has full RSS support, even at the sub-forum/category level (ie, announcements). I find RSS to be a great way to plow through unreads and to keep track.

I only stop in here to write replies, like this one. heh

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Okay, but that doesn’t answer my question. I get that you’re not interested in reading every topic. Neither am I. But why would you want to pretend that you have actually read the thread if you haven’t read it? Why would you want the forum software to lie to you, to tell you that you have read a thread which, in reality, you have not read? What good does this deception serve?

You can dismiss unread threads. You don’t have to pretend you have read them.

I am also curious what the answer to this question is.

It sounds like your use case for marking threads “read” is different than the obvious one (which would be to know if you have read the topic already or not). There is certainly nothing wrong with that, it just piqued my curiosity is all.

For context, I typically refer to the “read” or “unread” status of a topic when I am browsing for something interesting to read. I can tell without opening a topic if I have already read it or not.

If you come from a background of traditional forums, a common way to manage those forums is to read what you want to and then the mark the forums as read so you can easily see what is new. I did the same thing when using those types of forum.

I suspect that is why @UncleSpellbinder is looking for this functionality.

However, the reality is that Discourse isn’t a traditional forum and that actually isn’t really needed on a platform like Discourse because of the way the topics are organized.



Pretty much. I have no idea where this “pretending” idea came from. That’s not the case at all. Once I’ve had a full session or afternoon on the forum, it would be nice to have a “mark as read” or as in my original image above “dismiss new”.

To those who say I want to pretend to have read a topic… HUH??? That’s not pretending anything. I’m just done and it would be nice to be able to clear everything and start fresh once in a while.

Just an opinion. Not a request, and I’m not trying to push this idea down others throats.

I sure didn’t mean this post to be contentious.

But there is. If you are in the unread view, you can dismiss unread.

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