Mapton - Some kind of map application

For the last couple of years I have been working on Mapton, a desktop map application with plugin support.

Thanks to @jonathon it ended up in the AUR at

Even though I’m the co-maintainer I’m not that savvy in pkgbuilds and thought I might ask here if you Jonathon or anyone else would be interested in keeping it updated.
Spending most of my time in Solus makes it hard too. :smile:

If necessary that is, I do publish AppImages for it and the Snap is just around the corner.
Some links for the interested one.


Well, the snap showed up today:
So it might be unnecessary to maintain it in the aur too.

Given that a fairly high number of Arch users are fairly aggressively opposed to snap. I don’t think snap is a good alternative to AUR if you want Arch users to use the product.

Yes, I understand and respect that there are differences in opinions with regard to snap. :slight_smile:

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On a side note, it looks like the AUR package was updated 2 hours ago.

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Oh, that’s nice!